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(1) The ability to use a gray list will probably be in a plugin, so you could decide to have the plugin and not use a gray list, or not use the plugin at all. Nothing is forced on you.

You guys aren’t forcing it on us, but that doesn’t mean the government, corporations or someone else won’t force it on us. It doesn’t mean that in some jurisdictions where you’re guilty until you prove yourself innocent (France for example) that by not running a filter you won’t be perceived as being automatically complicit in sharing illegal content. Because of course if the filter EXISTS, then you know that by NOT using the filter you’re supporting the bad guys.

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(2) Unless you publicly make it known, how would anyone determine you are using a particular graylist? Why would not using a graylist make you automatically guilty of a crime?

The police come to your house and grab your computer. At that point in time the distinction between a graylist option and no graylist option would be VERY important.

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