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I just finished reading’s chainweb white paper regarding a blockchain comprised of “chains of chains”, or as in the term which I quite like: Chainrope. It is a very clear read and fascinating in it’s implications. Essentially they are proposing a solution to massively scaled public blockchains through the use of a network of “chains of chains” where the block-headers from multiple chains are included in other chains in such a way that it creates a kind of a 3D Merkel tree, or Merkel Cone.


Non-Linear Storytelling: when part of the story is the whole story.

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As we go forward building deeper and more meaningful 360 VR projects, the question of what type of storytelling we work in will become more important. If we are going to build deep and rich stories-as-experiences, we will need to consider building experiences where a user is able to leave the headset with a sense of having had a rich experience without actually needing to give them the full experience.

It’s a strange idea, but hang with me.

The linear narrative story telling format dominates our understanding of storytelling. Humans create, share and expect: linear narratives. Stories with clear beginnings, middles, and ends.


3D printing malleable sheets

One interesting thing I noticed while dealing with prints that failed after the first few solid layers is that depending on the circumstances you can be left with a very malleable sheet of plastic at the right temperature.  

In one particular failed print of about 6 solid layers I turned the print bed temperature up to about 70 degrees (c) before peeling the plastic off the bed surface. The plastic peeled off In a stretchy manner that left just enough heat and softness in the material once it had been removed to form it further.  

Deformed plastic sheet

Deformed plastic sheet

Of course this type of working with heated plastic is not new, and is used in techniques like vacuum molding as well as just hearing sheets to plastic to mold under pressure or by hand. Generally though these shapes have the smooth uniform surface of a sheet of plastic. By combining 3d printing some interesting shapes could be achieved by controlling the shape, texture, design of then initial sheet material. It is even possible to control the thickness and shape of the material in different areas. 

Post print deformation sculpture

Post print deformation sculpture

To test the idea I printed off a honeycomb shaped structure 3 layers thick. I turned the bed temperature up (a bit to high) which resulted in difficulty removing the thin plastic. Nonetheless the stress tension from removable at high heat lead to interesting "twisting" in the connecting areas of the honeycomb joints. Although it had not been my intention, it's clear to see that this effect could be exploited deliberately to impart unique features onto the plastic. 

I will continue to experiment. 

Debating Gray-listing for


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(1) The ability to use a gray list will probably be in a plugin, so you could decide to have the plugin and not use a gray list, or not use the plugin at all. Nothing is forced on you.

You guys aren’t forcing it on us, but that doesn’t mean the government, corporations or someone else won’t force it on us. It doesn’t mean that in some jurisdictions where you’re guilty until you prove yourself innocent (France for example) that by not running a filter you won’t be perceived as being automatically complicit in sharing illegal content. Because of course if the filter EXISTS, then you know that by NOT using the filter you’re supporting the bad guys.

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(2) Unless you publicly make it known, how would anyone determine you are using a particular graylist? Why would not using a graylist make you automatically guilty of a crime?

The police come to your house and grab your computer. At that point in time the distinction between a graylist option and no graylist option would be VERY important.

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