A New Way

It is no secret that photography has changed dramatically over the past twenty years. Nearly all the old methods have been replaced by new technologies, methods and viewers. I have seen the changes and they excite me. Without delving into the "is photography dead?" type of discussion that has persisted in photography since the birth of the digital revolution, instead I will borrow the feeling of my old friend and editor Jakub Zeman at DigitalniFoto Magazine in Prague.

A week before his death ten years ago we sat atop Letna, high above the city and talked about the future. We spoke about the future of photography, the future of art and our own futures personally. In particular Jakub spoke about the desire to find "a new way". He knew everything was changing, that the democratization of photography, of art itself would change the field entirely. 

So, ten years later I find myself thinking again about this "New Way" and what this might mean for my own work, and the work of others. It's been a decade since Jakub's light left us, but the desire to find "a new way" still burns just as bright.