Blockchain and Beyond

Dennison Bertram, apart from his artistic work is an avid technologist, innovator, and entrepreneur. 


Founded in 2012, one the first Bitcoin Currency exchanges in the Czech Republic. Innovative at the time for offering same day deposits of Czech Crowns. Long before the current blockchain craze, BuyBTC served a loyal customer base of early bitcoin adopters. 



In 2014 Dennison Bertram founded Aeternum, a project to create extremely high end and secure personal Bitcoin Vaults. Designed and Manufactured in the Czech Republic by Czech Glass workers the Aeternum KeyVault was unique in that it was a physical object designed to be impossible to counterfeit. Using a special system of polarized light which created a fingerprint of the internal molecular stress that was time-stamped in the bitcoin blockchain every Aeternum KeyVault was impossible to counterfeit.


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