The Gol Goatha Project: Designing sensory experiences for Virtual Reality.

13th - 16th April 2016 | 15:00 - 21:00 at SBODIO32 - Fuori Salone - Salone del Mobile 2016

The Gol Goatha project is an exploration of the concept of a hybrid Virtual Reality film that blends elements of theater, meta-reality and sensory exploration.

Conceptually growing out of the idea that panic, claustrophobia and fear are powerful meta-interoceptive senses, the experience is designed to explore how different layers of psychological suggestion are critical in creating the "reality" of a virtual experience.

Using restraint, sounds, and physical force elements, the Gol Goatha project seeks to create a virtual reality experience so convincing that it shifts the participants perception of the real world, by introducing doubt and insecurity through a hybrid virtual experience.

Through a mix of theater, virtual environment and synchronized sensory input, the participant is convinced to suspend their trust in reality through a virtual reality experience that is unlike anything they have experienced before. The participant is exposed to a meta-reality that delves into deconstructing the primary assurance we receive through our sensory input of the real world: our concept of what is "safe". By convincing the participant to doubt, ever so slightly, the rules of the "real world", we open the door to designing new rules in a virtual space.

Concept: Dennison Bertram

Production: Ämr Ezzeldinn

Actors: Alessandro Turci Mahmoud Saleh Mohammadi Ali Noorafshan Artina Qehaja

Sound Design: Emre Baloglu

Conceptual Advisor: Alessandro Turci